Park Rapids Paul Harris Fellows
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Paul Harris Fellow recognition was created in memory of Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary as a way to show appreciation for contributions to the Foundation's charitable and educational program.  A Paul Harris Fellow is an individual who contributes $1,000 or in whose name that amount is contributed.  Every Paul Harris Fellow receives a pin when he or she becomes a Fellow.  This identifies the Paul Harris Fellow as an advocate of the Foundation's goals of world peace and international understanding.

It has been a practice of the Park Rapids Rotary Club to award Paul Harris Fellowship to select members in appreciation of his or her service to the club.

A sustaining member is an individual who contributes or in whose name is contributed a minimum of $100 with the commitment to contribute $1,000 within a ten-year period.


Park Rapids Rotary Club Member PH Fellow Status

Andersen, David PHF+2 Sustaining
Bagstad, Lance PHF Sustaining
Behrens, Brian PHF+2 Sustaining
Bradow, Chris   Sustaining
Cease, Kent PHF+1 Sustaining
Conway, Tom PHF Sustaining
Day, Sonja   Sustaining
DeLaHunt, Butch   Sustaining
Dove, Paul T. PHF+1 Sustaining
Fox, Christine   Sustaining
Freitag, Katherine PHF+5 Benefactor
Hansen, Kurt S. PHF+1 Sustaining
Hewitt, Mark PHF+3 Sustaining
Hewitt, Scott PHF+1 Sustaining
Holtan, Karen   Sustaining
Hurd-Lof, Lu Ann PHF+4 Sustaining
Johnson, Harlan E. PHF+1 Sustaining
Johnson, Laura PHF Sustaining
Johnson, Zachary PHF Sustaining
Kehr, Janet R. PHF Sustaining
Konshok, David R. PHF+2 Sustaining
Koppelman, Ben  PHF+1 Sustaining
Larsen, Mark A. PHF+4 Sustaining
Miller, Thomas PHF+4 Sustaining
Moore, Michael   Sustaining
Murphy, Krystal   Sustaining
Nelson, Jeremy PHF Sustaining
Nordberg, Rod L. PHF+1 Sustaining
Nulliner, Craig PHF Sustaining
Olson, Roger P.   Sustaining
Peloquin, Steven R. PHF+2 Sustaining
Peterson, Clayton   PHF+1 Sustaining
Pike, Daniel PHF Sustaining
Pike, Jay PHF Sustaining
Poitras, Edward W. PHF+3 Sustaining
Pretzer, Maria L. PHF+1 Sustaining
Ranson, Ed PHF+8 Sustaining
Rasmussen, John A. PHF+5 Sustaining
Schik, Mark PHF+2 Sustaining
Simon, Esther PHF Sustaining
Stewart, Roger PHF+1 Sustaining
Sullivan, Patrick PHF+2 Sustaining
Thompson, Mary   Sustaining
Tomte, Susan PHF+2 Sustaining
Torfin, Joanne PHF+6 Sustaining
Tweedale, Joan M. PHF+1 Sustaining
Utke, Paul J. PHF+1 Sustaining
Weis, Irene PHF+3 Sustaining
Wizik-Wills, Sally   Sustaining
Former Members:    
Bishop, Rollis J. PHF  
Bogaard, Richard  PHF+1  
Bridge, Gaylord J. PHF  
Carroll, Nancy PHF    
Dahn, Brad PHF  
Dearstyne, Donovan  PHF  
Deschane, Mark PHF  
Dyre, Karen PHF  
Dyre, Karl A. PHF+3  
Dyre, Nelda M. PHF  
Haugland, John T. PHF  
Kelly, John PHF  
Jones, Cynthia    
Konshok, David W.   PHF  
Krueger, David P. PHF  
Kurth, Dennis R. PHF Benefactor
Kurth, Zelda PHF Benefactor
Lien, Danielle Norby PHF  
Lindow, Melissa PHF+1  
Longworth, Lori PHF  
Masog, John A PHF  
Mathisrud, Ryan PHF  
May, Kim PHF  
McKinney PHF  
Montzka, Harold L. PHF  
Norby, Stephen PHF  
Ogaard, Thomas D. PHF  
Olson, Victor W PHF  
Pederson, Garnett PHF  
Perez, Michael PHF  
Phillips-Kunze, Denice M. PHF  
Schultz, Louis E. PHF+1  
Spangler, Carolyn PHF  
Stevens, David PHF  
Wallace, James B. PHF+1  
Walsh, Russell PHF  
Zitzer, Lee M PHF