Park Rapids Rotary Club President Stuart Larson presented the Hewitt Family Youth Service Award to Lisa Coborn at the club’s meeting Aug. 14. This is the fifth year the club has given the award to recognize a person who has made Park Rapids a better place for kids and to recognize a long history of Hewitt philanthropy and community service, particularly in matters that benefit young people. Coborn is coordinator of the Alternative Learning Center (ALC) at Park Rapids Area High School and demonstrates the power of community collaboration. The ALC program continues to get results for at-risk students and thrives because of her commitment to engage the community and ensure the students feel valued in it. In addition to the award, for a third year the Hewitt Family Charitable Trust will donate $1,000 to the child-focused charity of the recipient’s choice. Coborn was on vacation when this and other awards were presented at the club banquet in June.